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in oakland telling us where things stand right now. jana. >> reporter: board members went up to the second floor meeting room for the open session part, w allowed in for that portion and i did speak with one source who tells me that negotiations are progressing and they have made some significant process. they still do not have a deal. now, we were there when the meeting started about 6:20 this evening. about 6 union members got up along with the atu president to address the board before they went in closing session. there is not much time before the deadline at midnight. she and the workers are hopeful that they can still reach a deal and avoid strike. if there is no deal by midnight then the workers, there is about 1600 transit workers with the atu who plans to walk off their job. they'll call a strike if there is a significant number of items that's taken off the table. the big sticking point here is the workers pay 10% towards healthcare, they pay nothing now. more than 180, 000 daily riders and many of them don't have cars and the actransit spokesman says there is no time to order a p
roads as people try to get out of town. >>> plus, president obama speaks out about the use of chemical weapons in syria as his justification for a possible missile strike. this is bay area news at 7. >>> i'm heather holmes. this is bay area news at 7. it is the start of a holiday weekend. we are counting down to bay bridge history, bay area history, the grand opening of new eastern span of the bay bridge is three days away. there is a chance they could open it early. just before 5:00 tonight, we received an update from the project spokesman, who says the work is proceeding right on schedule. he says crews completed all the grinding today in both directions. they are about halfway done with paving the west bound lanes and begun striping. east bound paving is complete. >> the focus will be on switching out the lighting in the tunnels from the traditional lights that have been there to led lights. they will continue that work over the next 24 hours. they are also going to wash the inside of the tunnel. >> gordon says the main goals are eefficiency and safety. asked whether it
for students in oakland, a few are dealing more than just a first day. jay hahn hernandez is showing us of the shooting at one elementary school. >> but, yesterday two blocks away, of 1044th street, along with the mother and two girls were grazed by bullets. a neighbor tells us that the woman is pregnant. the shooter opened fire around 2:30 in the afternoon. they got caught in the cross fire. no one was seriously hurt. it is these type of situation, you have to deal with because the students are affected by the violence of the street >> many are dealing with things that other children don't have to deal in other places so i think we try the make school as safe and supportive as we can. >> when you come inside our campus, you will see that students are learning, it is a safe environment, it is a very carrying environment but outside of the school that's not always the case. >> reporter: back on the street, we spoke to one woman who's moving after 40 years in this neighborhood. police shows with bullets rick shated off her home yesterday. >> oakland police would not comment on camera toda
the fire was sparked by a smoke grenade used during an outdoor military training exercise. fire officials tell us flames consume about 170 acres before the fire was contained about two hours ago. now right now crews remain on the scene looking for hot spots. we have live team coverage tonight of the fire danger in the bay area. ktvu's john sasaki is in the north bay with a look at how firefighters are preparing. >>> first our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us in the weather center with a look at the conditions. >> they were pretty hot, certainly 90 degrees at the fire zone and the winds were west-northwest at 5 miles per hour. this was not a lightning sparked fire. but of course that's what the concerns are. check out the lightning showing up just east of the area right now. you can see it's going off in the hills around yosemite and deer valley. now working its way up into donner summit. looks like they'll stay north tonight but there's a shot tomorrow night. everyone tonight one could drift over the valley. right here in effect in the northern counties of northern california. sh
is joining us now with what police are saying about the search and a person of interest now in the case. good morning, katie. >> reporter: police have arrested a man who is called a person of interest. he was last seen with coke's vehicle and credit cards. more on him in a moment. investigators have not said if he pointed them here to the fairgrounds or not. oakland detectives say he called is for detectives around 6:00. as darkness fell search and rescue teams combed an undeveloped area. oakland police say they are still treating this as a missing persons case. coke a federal investigator was seen sunday evening. coke's car, cell phone, and credit cards have been located but still no sign of the missing mother. investigators are not saying while they are searching an area that spans from interstate 80 to the city of vallejo. >> it was deemed that tonight we should start tonight to get it started. that this was made with the oakland investigators as well as our search and rescue personnel. >> search crews paused their efforts early this morning and will resume around 8:00 a.m.. oakland police
to the desk. >>> police say a party bus crashed at about 11:00 p.m.. alex savidge is near the scene tells us police have a man in custody. he may be the driver. alex. >> reporter: it's possible. the driver though was gone. the driver of the party bus nowhere to be found when chp officers first pulled up to this crash a short time later they did find the man. he has since been detained for key questioning. veered off the highway, hit a tree and went down an embankment. one man a passenger was found dead inside that wrecked bus. the crash was just before 11 crank last night on northbound 280. just south of the alpine road exit. investigators don't know what caused the bus to crash. mainly because they haven't figured out who was driving yet. a chp spokesman says the man that was found near this scene is not being cooperative. >> we are trying to figure out if he was the driver or any way involved in the collision. >> reporter: and the chp says if that man turns out to be the driver, he could of course face charges for the death of the passenger. the man that was killed here was in his mid to l
tell us about 50 homes are under evacuation orders. the fire reported at 3:40 this afternoon burning along interstate 80. the flames jumped and spread to marie gold drive where the fire started to damage homes. and that prompted the highway patrol to call alerts with eastbound traffic slowing more miles. let's go to ken wayne live in fairfield with new information. >> reporter: we are outside fairfield high school which is turning into a command center and evacuation center for residents that's affected by the fire. you can see the video of how big the fire is. the flames have been knocked out, there is still smoke coming from the scene, it is now 70% contained and joining me now is sergeant blank from the fairfield department, what is the status of the fire now, most of it is out. >> the currently it is about 70% contained and they'll be there all night and making sure that it will not clear up again. >> correct. >> we have a lot of fires burning across california right now, do fire departments have resources to put the fire out, they're stretched so thin. was there enough to get a
really feel badly for this family next to us. they've been my neighbors for a long time. >> reporter: the family who lost this home tell me they'll be staying with relatives, grateful nobody lost their life. this woman was evacuated, but convinced firefighters to go back to the apartment to rescue the puppies. >> my kids are the most important, but i can't leave my animals behind. >> reporter: firefighters tell me they will remain here in the neighborhood for the night to keep an eye on hot spots. ktvu channel 2 news. >> our team coverage begins with ken who is live with what we have learned about the cause of the fire. >> reporter: streets are still closed here. fire officials say they know where the fire started, but they admit they may never know exactly how it started. it was called in at 3:39 this afternoon, a fire burning along the shoulder of the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 when there was a cigarette or a spark from a vehicle or something else, but nothing has been determined. it was a challenge for firefighters. >> it's extremely hard and moves extremely fast. you lit
inside that carport. neighbors telling us some of the cars in here had just been painted. one was new. i have new video of the flames when this fire was beening out of control. a resident was able to take pictures with his camera. most of the people we talked to said they were fast asleep when his fire broke out. they woke up to the fire. they started banging on each others doors. one wop wetbacked -- it was already starting to burn but she was determined to save her car. >> i came out to see what was going on. i grabbed my keys and family. >> reporter: was your car on fire? >> yes. i got my sweater and put it out. it's parked outside. >> reporter: you went into your car knowing it was on fire to pull it out. >> it was the side mirrors. >> reporter: and the rest of the cars were burn something >> yes the car next to me was on fire. it wasn't engulfed but it was starting to. >> reporter: you thought you had time? kind of crazy you got into your burning car. >> the thing is i just purchased it a month ago. >> reporter: back out here live when you see the extensive damage to the other cars
swimming and looking forward to start 4th grade. the dog owner puts a sign outside, please don't bother us. hunter's mom thinks that it does attack before once the dog is euthanize. >> knowing that you have these dogs and you don't do anything about it. >> reporter: antioch's police says hunter's friend did try to pull the pitbulls off and received bites on his arm but it looks like he's okay. hunter is expected to have another surgery on wednesday and friends and family are trying to raise money to help the family. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the ambassador nor's office says it is now waiting on confirmation of the victim's identity. the body was found on friday for the search of sandra coke. on the day she disappeared she was seen with randy alana with a long criminal history. coke and alana dated 20 years ago. alana behind bars tonight, he was arrested last week on a parole violation. officers found the bus about 11:00 last night on interstate 280. the passengers still strapped in the seat belt was dead. officers could not driver but did spot a man walking near by. >>> a seasons teen tell
and joins us from the site where he was killed. >> reporter: good afternoon. 17-year-old robert orlando spent the last day of his summer fishing with friends at a nearby lake. he was blocks away from home last night at 9:00 at night. you can see this afternoon, people have placed flowers. there is a sign as well as the site where this accident happened. there's also a golf club sitting here on the ground. that's because orlando was on his high school golf team according to relatives i talked with today. he was all set to start his senior year today here in danville. classes started this morning. relatives said this young man was smart, outgoing and generous. >> he was a charismatic, young man who lived to fish. he was involved in football and sports all of his life. we're devastated by the loss of him. >> reporter: this deadly crash happened at ten minutes before 9:00 last night on el capitan drive. there were three teenaged boys in the car when it veered off the road and crashed into the tree. orlando was killed in the accident. his two friends survived. the 17-year-old driver suffered
escorted us through the construction zone. near the tunnel, special trucks applied a final protective coating to the roadway but connection to the new bridge has not been completed. >> these columns of where a permanent onramp from yerba buena island to the new span will be built. but the most critical work is moving forward. asphalt trucks coming from pleasanton has awaited moving ahead as scheduled. >> they're averaging 37 minutes from their plant to the construction site. >> reporter: back out here live here's another live look at the work that's going on. appears to be some surveying going on before they do some additional paving leading back to the toll plaza. managers aren't able to say that they are ahead of schedule but they do say they always leave room for error during big construction projects like these. it's still possible that the new bay bridge could be open for business as early as late monday. eric rasmussen. >>> the new bay bridge span has been years in the making and progress has sometimes seemed to move at a snail's pace. but caltrans gave us this sped up view. >>
fire near the bay bridge has shut down two lanes of westbound traffic. brian flores is live to tell us when the lanes could reopen. good morning, brian. >> reporter: you said it. good thing the b.a.r.t. trains are running. traffic is moving very slowly here, west 80. as you can see there, san francisco crews dousing this big rig fire that happened at 5:45 or so. we understand the big rig caught on fire. there was some type of a flat tire. let's bring in the sergeant. tell us more about what happened. >> roughly 5:45, the gentleman driving that big rig realized he had a flat tire. he pulled to the right shoulder and exited his vehicle at that time he realized there was smoke coming from the engine department and a couple of minutes later, the vehicle was fully engulfed. >> how is the driver doing? >> the driver is fine. he got out in plenty of time. he was carrying groceries. >> reporter: in terms of traffic, i see traffic moving slowly. how long is the sig-alert gonna last and what are the alternates? >> probably four hours. it will take a lot of time to get this big rig out of here on
and thousands are going around it tonight to get home. >> the chp told us that the average commute today actually only increased by 10 minutes. sal castaneda is following conditions. sal, do you agree with that figure? >> reporter: no, not really, unfortunately. first of all, drivers are going a longer distance, because they're going around. send of all, the commutes on those bridges, the san mateo bridge, for example, has been heavier. more people are on the bridge. and it's made it a lot more -- well, just a lot slower. newschopper 2 is showing us a picture of eastbound 92. these are live pictures of people just trying to get onto the san mateo bridge. and 101 traffic is also going to be heavy and slow as you drive down 101. as a matter of fact, i can show you a little bit of it. southbound 101, you can see traffic is really busy here in san mateo. slow traffic as you drive through. i want to focus on this area here. you can see that 101, a lot of the road centers are red. getting over to the san mateo bridge, that traffic is going to be very slow as you drive through. we're also looki
. >> reporter: that server came up to us and said she wanted to talk to us about it because she opportunity want the robbers get away with it. 20-year-old amanda says the restaurant had just closed saturday evening when two men burst into the back office where she, her manager and a chef had the days receipts out. >> they kept saying, give me the money, where is the safe. we said, here is the money, the safe is open. >> there were guns pointed at our heads. >> we're asking the public to help us out with this. possibly identifying. >> reporter: walnut creek police showeds us police video. this suv leaving and another possibly the same vehicle from a different angle. >> the vehicle involved we believe is a light colored suv. there's a roof rack on top of it that stand out a little bit. we're looking for any information that anyone might have of the suspects involved in this. >> reporter: it's a reminder for merchants be careful at closing. >> when you have large amounts of min changing hands at night. it's a window of opportunity for those who want to take it. >> do you think that downtown is stil
the fire department to come on scene to try to tell us how soon will they have this knocked down. just to kind of get the details of how this possibly could have started. we'll continue to monitor the situation and let you know as soon as we have an update. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, janine. >>> 7:05. a state-wide amber alert has been issued for two children believed to be abducted from san diego county. police say the man who took them, set fire to his house, killing the children's mother and an unidentified child. it's not clear if the suspect has both children with them or if one of them died in the fire. police say he was in a platonic relationship with the mother. the children are 16-year-old hanna anderson and ethan. both have blond hair. the suspect, identified as 40- year-old james lee dimaggio. police say he could be heading towards canada or texas. dimaggio believed to be driving a blue 2013 four-door nissan versa. here is ea photo of the car similar to the suspect's car. it's the same picture that police in southern ca
monday morning. >>> >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning august 9th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> we heard her say it's going to get a little warmer. >> that is right. a minor warmup. we will start with today. a tad warmer than yesterday. for some a near repeat and for some two to three degrees warmer. but it's a start. warmer afternoon for your friday. this morning we are waking up with low clouds once again. patchy drizzle as we mentioned. windshield wipers may be going as you get to work. breezy through the delta and afternoon sea breeze will be with us. that system off the coast beginning to shift to the north. we are looking at temperatures beginning to rebound. i'll have a look at the numbers coming up. good morning, sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge. a little foggy here. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on northbound 101 in san francisco approaching the 80 split. 6:01 back to the desk. >>> all right this morning 6:00 we are tracking developing news in vallejo where police
commuters as they took public transportation. edwin showed us his two tickets he bought. >> this is for tomorrow. i'm doing this ahead of time to avoid the rush. >> reporter: golden gate ferry does expect more riders tonight, so it added a late- night trip and added trips to its weekend and holiday schedule. >> i was on bart earlier and it wasn't busy at all. >> reporter: but susan langford told us she made sure to avoid areas where there might be problems in i was in san francisco tonight, and i had to travel out over the golden gate bridge instead of the bay bridge. >> reporter: she also avoided this commute on the first morning. bart reports that ridership soared this morning. >>> to keep things running smoothly, ac transit offered bart commuters service to and from the stations. >> in the morning, it was really packed. a lot of people. >> reporter: but there were those who couldn't avoid the freeways. we saw stalled drivers trying to get to the east bay, heading north in heavy traffic, around 2:30 this afternoon, which is why drivers like susan langford have a plan f
are dead after a police stand off. robert honda is at the scene and joins us live to explain what happened. good afternoon, robert. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, as you can imagine it has been a hectic morning in this neighborhood and they are still investigating the situation here that left two people dead. the stand off started after 8:00 this morning when the public safety dispatch center got a call from a man claiming he had killed someone, they quickly swarmed the neighborhood. investigators say they made numerous attempts to contact the man inside his home. now take a listen as officers did that just before the sound you will hear of loud rapid gunfire. >> come out with your hands up. [ gunfire ] >> that point the individual charged the officers with a weapon and the officers were forced to own open fire and shoot the individual. the individual was pronounced dead at the scene, in doing a protective sweep we did confirm another dead body inside the residence. >> neighbors we talked to say they believe the dead woman was his wife. they are still investigating and not confirmed
with a temporary fix for the cracked bolts. the fix could involve steel shims used to strengthen the span until a permanent repair is made. engineers say the temperature solution would not hamper any work being done on a permanent fix. that work could be done at the same time. many say this would be a lot safer than the current cantilever span in use now. >> the old bris is built on timber piles. that bridge has had steel pilers on it that need to be fixed. the question is when are we gonna open it? >> reporter: now, if they, indeed, decide to open up the new span over the labor day weekend or, for that matter, whenever they open up the new span, they will have to temporarily close the old span for a days. published worsts says chp is ready in -- reports say chp is ready in case the opening is labor day weekend. sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. >>> meanwhile, as the construction continues on the new eastern span, new energy- efficient lights are set to be turned on tonight. the l.e.d. lights are said to use half of the energy of other light bulbs and last five times longer
, i am tired of being tired. but i can't stop. >> reporter: she used the death of her son tabond with other mothers in -- to bond with other mothers in similar conditions. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we know the woman killed by construction front loader was a former student headed back to school there. ktvu's robert handa is live in san jose with what she was doing when she got hit and the toll it took on the construction worker behind the wheel. >> reporter: the investigation is still going on to figure out what happened here at this construction site yesterday when the woman was hit by heavy machinery and died. we learned who the victim was, and the efforts to help her family. >> reporter: classes resume at san jose city college in two weeks. she had plans to be -- plans to be part of the school year. it appears she was a former student in 2009 and on campus yesterday to resume cams. but she -- campus. but she died as she walked pass a construction site. >> i ran into students that know her, said she was dedicated to studies. the feeling on campus
. >> all we can do is hope for the best. >> it's a chance for us to learn and improve. >> the associate superintendent, says that they've done a lot in the last year. among the changes, they hired a security firm. >> have them roving, and you have two cars that move around, they can see things in and around your sight. >> it's completed a security overhaul, from changing locks to evacuation plans. there's new locks and gets a, and color coded -- gates, and color code badges for visitors and volunteers. we called, and they're asking everyone to be more individual atlanta, and this mom -- individual lent, and -- this mom says -- >> i asked about that private security firm, and they're spending $165,000 a year on that. berkley said they finished a school by school audit, and they plan to present the changes to its board next month. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it is official, the planned opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge, will take place on labor day weekend. the traffic signs around the bay area, are warning drivers that the entire bridge will shut down, beginning wednesday, aug
inside and why they couldn't use water to fight this fire at the beginning. >> breaking news from san francisco. gunfire in the tender loin. we have a news crew headed to the scene. >> reporter: a search for a service dog will begin in the next couple hours in san jose. you'll hear why finding him is so critical for his owner. >> plus a rash of robberies in one east bay city. the question police still have not answered. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. you are looking live at a home in hayward where firefighters discovered a pot grow inside a home. we will have more on this situation in just a few moments. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather, traffic. steve, how are we looking? >> we are looking good. low clouds. gave us crazy weather this week. accelerating northward. back to school forecast, take a look at san rafael. 58. 68 mostly sunny by noon. and a high of 77. temperatures in the north bay a lot of 70s.
tonight and many of the crews is in the area. john is live now and he tells us of the local fire department for the rim fire trying to remain the fire protection at home. >> reporter: the fi stretched thin because of the rim fire, officials say it is still ready. >> but, two others are getting dirty right now near yosemite. >> it is been a matter of time for that to explode and that has happened before. >> nine people were out of town and eight were in the rim fire. >> i am not going to home because we need the staff and cover your district which is your top priority and so the guys have been here for four or five six days. >> it can be tiring because of the emotional string of the job. >> today twice as long as normal to help covering and battling for weeks >> we are surrounded for danger here. >> we are concerned and to know that these firefighters are at other places are not very comforting. >> san francisco sent a 22 person strike team to the fire line this morning. >> safety, safety, guys. the guys who have been up there and paying attention on the web, they have seen fire c
. tell us police are still in the preliminary stages of this investigation but that all of the shooting victims will survive. police are looking for anyone who may have seen or heard something. police tell us a few victims took themselves to the hospital. paramedics took the gloars right now our immediate concern is for public safety. we want to see if there's anything else. >> shell casings littered the ground and the victims, 1 man, 3 women and the 12-year-old girl are going to be all right. police have not made any arrests. a young neighbor told me he heard at least 10 gunshots. what does all this mean for oakland cease fire that is now in place? more tonight. >>> now for the bay bridge and the clock is counting down. as you can see we're now just 3 days away taking a look at the -- wednesday's closure. so can prepare for the bridge's reopening which should happen after labor day. >> and the toll plaza right now where you can see some lanes are backed up. with a number of big events planned across the bay area next weekend, traffic is expected to get even worse. kara joins us live. >
like it will stay south of us. for overall temperatures a little bit cooler today. some clouds and sun mostly low clouds there. afternoon breeze. definitely an on shore push today. highs today 60s and 70s. and also come 80s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. we are looking pretty good around the bay area. so far. as we look at interstate 880. it is a nice looking drive passing the coliseum with no major problems. also we look here at the commute on the bay bridge. it looks like some of the right lanes are a little crowded. otherwise we are doing pretty well. if you are driving out to the -- i think this is it. this is a look at traffic on the bridge. let's go back to the desk. >> we have continuing coverage of the rim fire burning near yosemite national park. right now the fire has destroyed nearly 144,000 acres and is only at 7% containment. almost 3500 fire personnel are also on the scene. 23 buildings have been lost but it's not clear how many of those are homes. >> this fire quickly spread into the subdivisions where the homes were. before we could get our engines and equipment
and walked off with cash and household items. police gave us a detailed description. one of the robbers is described as a dark complected african american man in early 30s. 6 feet tall weighing around 200 pounds. facial hair is described as unshaven. he wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans. the other man is described as hispanic male 5'9 and weighing around 150 pounds. he too wore a hard hat and vest. neighbors saw the men runaway from the home and drive away in a gold suv similar to a cadillac he is . >>> another representative will be contacting us around 8:00 possibly with an update and comment on this case. police, again, want you to look out for these suspects believed to be connected with all three robberies and if somebody approaches your door, they should give you a badge showing they are an actual utility worker and look out for utility truck which would be parked in front of the home. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:04. contract talks in the bart labor dispute resume in two hours with a threat of a strike still looming. today's negotiations come one day after a special b
heist. this was the damage, and a group of men got inside by using a truck to force open the door. that's where we are from walnut creek, with how the they've seen made a clean get away. >> they backed to truck right in the front doors of tiffany's, and they're trying to clear the huge doors, and at the same time the police are working to find to they've seen. the walnut police arrived to find a truck smashed into this store, and they arrived 90 seconds after the suspects took off. >> there's jewelry scattered around the floor, but it's small, the stuff that's left out overnigh. the high end -- overnight, the high end stuff is locked up. >> this is taken from the surveillance camera, and you can see the stolen truck to back in the doors, and the truck that was used to get away. >> it appears four male suspects, they were wearing hoodies. >> throughout day, shoppers noticed the damage. >> i drove by, and like, what in the world is is this. >> the truck was stolen, and in the store, they were looking for evidence. the police say they've reviewed the surveillance video, and the boringry --
a stethoscope, even had an id badge. new details tonight from amber lee. she tells us a facebook posting led to the woman's arrest. amber? >> reporter: julie, the sheriff's department tells us, the woman accused of impersonating the nurse was arrested at this parking lot behind valley medical center. investigators are still looking at why she did it, and for how long. >> 29-year-old crystal cook of felton is facing two charges of impersonating a county employee, and possessing a fake hospital id card. because the charges are misdemeanors, she was released not long after she was arrested friday. >> looks very familiar to me. >> we showed the hospital worker this photo of cook. >> when was the last time you saw her? >> i don't know exactly the time, but the face is very familiar. >> several times? >> i have seen this face. you see the face, and you remember. that's what i think i have seen her face. >> reporter: valley medical center says an employee with cal star, an air ambulance service alerted the hospital thursday afternoon, after seeing cook's postings on facebook, claiming to be a hospi
should rely on test. >> we use science to determine the criteria for tainted blood or not and so it's very important that we look at behavior and using science rather than a discriminatory policy >> reporter: the red cross has been on the record as advocate for changing the policy. >> there are many donors who are low risk and could be valuable donors. >> the mayor says they're still in need for people to donate and they hope the fda will change its policies. >> reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a man is behind bars in connection with an attack in castro district. >> we have surveillance video here. it shows an assault on a robbery victim. 23-year-old porter baylor of oakland is under arrest. >> police say he's the man seen kicking the female victim. >> the assault took place after a gay pride street party. >> despite arrests, people say they do not feel safe. >> more street lighting. nobody's out walking. >> residents are meeting tonight to discuss the problem at a public safety forum. >>> oakland is moving forward with a real time surveillance center despite objections from
: the strike would also strand hundreds of low income people living on alameda point at what used to be the alameda air station. >> ac transit strike is really freaking me out. >> reporter: that's because there's only one bus line that runs every half hour through this area that is so remote just getting to the nearest supermarket is an ordeal. >> without a bus you would have to walk. and it's probably a good half hour plus to walk from here to the grocery store. and if you've got tons of bags plus two kids, it doesn't work out that way. >> reporter: very few people have cars here, cabs are too expensive. >> we can't get off of this base if you don't have a car or vehicle. the only other thing to do is walk. >> reporter: and she tells us she plans on stocking up on food tonight just in case. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu news. >>> b.a.r.t. management and the union will present their case tomorrow. governor brown halted a looming strike sunday night and appointed the three member panel. at tomorrow's hearing both sides must summarize the issue still in dispute and discu
hours ago crews resumeed their search of a three square mile area in vallejo, mike nemack joins us with that. >> reporter: we will get to that in just a bit. we want to get you up to speed on a new development. 10 minutes ago i saw a sheriff's boat being pulled out of the water here so i called him. i said hey what is happening. why are you pulling them out. he said there has been a new development. i said did you find a body. he said i can't confirm that, all i can say is we are expanding to a new area, we will get more on that later he said possibly 30 minutes. meantime we got new video we shot 30 minutes here north of us shows search and rescue crews pulling and poking at a comforter along the shore and also found an old white boat they left alone but definitely checked out. i would say in all 70 search and rescuers are looking for one missing woman. they are on foot, they are on the water. this is the search for oakland's sandra koch. >> we are also going to use dogs. they do have specially trained dogs that can search lakes. >> the lake is adjacent to 6 flags discovery kingdom
>>> the sooner, the better, that's what transportation officials are telling us tonight about plans to fast track the opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge. frank somerville has the night off. >> i'm julie haener. the official decision comes tomorrow. the new eastern span opening on september 3. ktvu's noel walker is live now. >> reporter: that five day closure could happens a soon as two weeks from tonight, if they decide to go with the labor day opening. you see that v in the road. it's where the old and new spans meet. it will look completely different, whenever the new span opens. if the new bay bridge span was your new house, you would be planning moving day now. about up through tuesday, 5:00 a.m. >> reporter: the work flow charts are set. all we need is a date. like most new construction, the new bridge move in date is a new target. >> the old date was labor day weekend. they need to decide. >> reporter: while most roads point to labor day weekend, that decision will be made tomorrow morning. tonight, we narrow down the timing. >> no matter what weekend we do close at
was used or what he did to prompt officers to open fire. but they will say officers feared for their lives. back live out here on tenny soon road in hayward, we've seen people identifying themselves as friendses and family members as officers cleared the scene and allowed them back in. the officers involved have more than five years' experience. they are considered veteran officers. they are on paid leave. it's unclear how many officers were involved and how many fired shots. the mother and two daughters were not hurt. but this investigation does continue. live in hayward, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. >>> a vallejo healthcare provider is facing elder abuse charges after the death of a 78- year-old bomb in her care. the paper reports police found the woman after doing a welfare check at her home on florida street. they say it appears she had been dead for quite some time before she was found. the individual was arrested on suspicion of elderly -- elder abuse charges. >>> these are live pictures. you are looking at the bridge. in a couple of hours from now, we'
. the alternate route you should use to get to work on time. >>> the bay bridge set to close in a matter of weeks. the dates you may want to keep in mind. >>> making it harder to deport illegal immigrants. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. we are live outside the oakland police department this morning. officers dealing with another deadly shooting and just when they are really stepping up efforts to fight violent crime we will tell you how it fits into their latest plan in just a few minutes. good morning, it's friday august 16th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, can you scare up some sunshine for pam? >> not yet. maybe soon. a lot of low clouds in place. it does look a little cooler. not much has changed here. kind of muggy for most of the lows. only in the north bay finding cool lows. most areas are around 64-5:. 64 to 84 by noon. i will tell you yesterday very hot up in parts of lake county and out toward vacaville. i don't think that really changes today. san francisco hovering around seasonal average this time of yea
'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. >> i'm dave clark. steve, are you still worried about lightning this morning. >> not this morning but later this afternoon. thick fog out there. be careful coast and bay. some of that is reducing visibility. isolates showers, 60s 70s and 80s at noon. a lot more cloud cover and the wind has definitely picked up. it will not be as hot for some inland yesterday. the low is rotating around, still sending in a couple of bands moving north and west off shore but the red flag warning continues. temperatures a lot cooler today than yesterday. more 50s and 60s instead of the 70s. the wind has picked up. gusts up to 30 plus. yesterday they were at 8 miles per hour. that is a huge difference. some of that cloud cover, there's a little blip skirting along going east to west. the main cloud deck has moved north. we are in line for fog and a possibility of lightning again. it equals a cooler pattern for those inland today. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. temps to the north are dependent on the cloud cover. >> good morning. we do have things to talk about in fr
vegas but maybe a few in southern california. but for us we are between. a little bit warmer on the temps today. after yesterday's cool down. a lot of 70s inland. a little warmer. that wind is out of the west or southwest and northwest. it's a direction that comes off from the sea breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s. here is sal. >>> right now traffic is doing okay on 101. all northbound lanes of highway 101 and san mateo are open after a deadly accident overnight. the crash happened shortly before midnight on highway 101. chp says a pedestrian was on the road when she was hit and killed. officers say it's unclear why the person was on the highway. but officers say the driver who hit that person is cooperating. now in san rafael chp is trying to figure out what caused a van to lose control. driving across all lanes of highway 101 before crashing into a tree and power pole. the crash happened near 101. that is where we find ktvu tara moriarty who has the latest on that crash. tara, you just arrived. what is going on now? >> reporter: authorities are not sure exactly why the man veered
council person tells us it's a bill worth considering and the other says it's a nanny bill. maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: under the proposal outlining this new memo at any vending machine at city facilities they would have to get rid of the energy drinks they have above. they could keep the apple juice in the middle but eliminate the sodas below. >>> a change for the bay area's largest city may put the lock on soda machines at libraries and community centers if this san jose city councilman has his way. >> there's not a mandate telling folks what they can and cannot drink. it's simply saying at city facilities we're not going to provide unhealthy drinks that we know are loaded with sugar. >> reporter: under councilman ash kalba's new proposal all drinks with sweeteners and less than 50% real fruit juice would be prohibited along with milk more than 2% fat. >> whole milk is pretty good for whole children. this little guy has a calorie problem, so he needs a little whole milk now and then. >> there's other things they need to be focusing on. >> reporter: colver says it's not an
in just a moment. good morning. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2." it's tuesday, august, 27th. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell today. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. >>> we're gone check weather and traffic for you. steve? >> we have pockets of thick fog. but nothing compared to yesterday when there was a lot of drizzle and low clouds went inland. hardly a breeze. temperatures will warm up after we get through some of the fog. most locations have sun. 84 in santa rosa yesterday. concord up 4 from 84. palo alto, 77. both checking in at 81. mainly 50s. look at santa rosa, 49. that's a huge difference. about 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. still some upper 50s and very low 60s but not the mid-60s that we had. 57, 74 go for a high today of 82 degrees. sunny and warmer. a lighter breeze. some patchy fog on the golden gate. overall, highs will come up. inland temperatures, a couple of low 80s to low 90s. here's sal. >>> good morning, steve. we're looking at traffic slow getting into san francisco via the bay bridge. we're gonna look at traffic also that's going to be slow app
on their to do list. we have team coverage beginning with debra. she is live at the toll plaza to show us the flurry of activity going on. >> reporter: frank, it's so busy, they could turn on the metering lights here. the white pile johns were just installed. they are working on paving and striping the westbound approach to the toll plaza. this is another notch in the timeline which cal-tran said is right on schedule. it's the rare day you can cruise toward the city with the bay bridge this empty. the only traffic now is construction and media care vans. >> a tremendous amount of excitement. everyone is feeling very confident. we are on track. >> reporter: on track demolishing thousand feet of the old upper deck, looking east, you can see is crumbling. by this time tomorrow, a crane will be ready to replace it with the sections of pedestrian and bypass. >> a straight shot in. 50-miles an hour from one end of the bridge to the other. out with the old means no more braking for the dreaded s turn. >> you won't have to slow down going into the tunnel or coming out of the tunnel. >> >> reporte
this wednesday. our top story at 7:00 louis live at the scene to tell us about this. >> reporter: just about 90 minutes ago after negotiations session early this afternoon as well as over the weekend, they hope to keep service going for more than 180, 000 daily riders on ac transit. delivering formal notice of the ac transit noon board meeting. that walk out can happen as early as 12:01 on wednesday morning >> we are streel serious of getting a contract. >> reporter: riders say they're frustrated. >> the bart went on triek and that through a lot of people off like my friends work in san francisco and ac transit is people's live line. >> it is rough getting it together on such a short notice. >> i take two busses just to get to school everyday. if the strike are in effect, i have no way to go to school. >> i don't know why it is coming to at this point. we are close to particularly regarding to wages. the sticking point of course is on health and welfare payments to where their premiums. >> the unions say the last raise workers got was four years ago. >> ac transit is taking the decision of bein
're letting us down. you know. they're leaving us stranded. >> the alameda contra costa district carries 1,100 passengers a day. >> we're a little more than 1% apart. the sticking point is on health and welfare patients to their premiums. currently we're asking them to pay 10% like all the other employees do. >> reporter: union workers tell us they haven't had a strike in 28 years and they're planning to work through tomorrow night to avoid a strike on wednesday morning. now reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >>> and now to the b.a.r.t. labor dispute and a hearing set for wednesday morning. at that time b.a.r.t. and its unions are scheduled to line out their differences before governor brown. he will decide whether to impose a cooling off period for up to 60 days. a spokeswoman for b.a.r.t. said they asked the governor to intervene. the union said they're disappointed that it's come to this. >> we don't need cooling off, we don't need an investigation. we need b.a.r.t. to do this right. >> reporter: the unions and bart will present their negotiation. wednesday's hearing is open to
and innovative technology will be rolled utd over the next three years and could be used districtwide if proven effective. they are looking to get rid of the traditional a-f grading system. many teachers are excited to let students know where they can excel and improve. >> the biggest thing is the reporting back to the family and the parents and the students. these components get combined into a single-letter grade. >> reporter: students will be graded on criteria specific to understanding material, clab ratting on traffic -- collaborating on tasks so definitely some outside of the box thinking here at burnett middle school. they will also try to inknow great new technology. coming up next in my next report, i will tell you about creative ways to get ipods in the classroom to use technology. we're also gonna chat with students and parents about what they think about dropping the a- f grading system. katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> teachers in palo alto are putting the finishing touches on their classrooms as students prepare to return to school tomorrow. the school district
with us this photo of a father of 6 children, we spoke to a neighbor who says he's worry for his family. >> everyday something is going on down there, streets blocked off and taped off. you think downtown is safer because the police department is down here and the city hall is down here. >> it was not safe this afternoon, witnesses are too scared to go onto tell us and someone saw the ax as the weapon before he was shot and killed. >> others in the neighborhood are upset to see. >> believe me you are going to get caught and if you don't get caught, you are going to live with this for the rest of your life. >> reporter: family starts to gather around here and they continue to keep candles burning tonight, police say they have not made any arrest, live ktvu channel 2 news >>> marin's sheriff's deputy were called to find the living room covered in blood. she's identified tonight as 44a . u.s. park police spotted him getting off th of the bus. they say he was armed with the knif covered in blood. 22-year-old aldana is hospitalized and authorities say he will face a murder charge. >>> the c
was last seen with sandra coke the. we go to eric rasmussen. >> reporter: police tell us they will be searching by land and by water. this could go on all night long. we have detectives out here. search and rescue teams even members of the fbi. police confirmed a man sandra coke once dated is a person of interest. he is in custody but they have not said if he's the one that gave them the information that led them here tonight. even though it's after dark. police say they launched this search as soon as they learned this might be where they could find sandra coke. the 50-year-old woman from oakland as been missing since sunday evening. >> we're still treating this as a missing person we're also looking at this from an angle if there is foul play involved. >> reporter: police also confirmed they've identified 56- year-old randy alana as a person of interest. alana who has prior convictions of kidnap and rape was picked up a few days ago. he had recently contacted alana. tonight police revealed alana had been seen with coke the night of the disappearance. >> i can't share wi
. the sergeant did tell us, the victim is from the general area. investigators were out late into the night and early into the morning, trying to find witnesses in the area. they say they will need people to come forward with more information to make an arrest in the case. live in east palo alto, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> most people arrested, students and college students in san francisco. they were hoping to withdraw the school's accreditation. instead the mayor had them arrested. >> don't want to get arrested. >> and the sit-in began yesterday at 5:00. the students arrested were charged with trespassing and disturbing a public meeting. they were released. the mayor's office tells ktvu, he's committed to finding a way to keep the school open. >>> firefighters in the bay area still on high alert. the lightning threat still creating a very dangerous situation. ktvu is joining us live, good morning. , katie. >> where i'm standing, it feels like a chilly wind tunnel. it's quite gusty between martinez and hercules. you could also see the dry grass. the conditions, the wind with th
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